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Sandpoint Youth Football and Cheer

Sandpoint Youth Football and Cheer

About SAFL


What is SAFL?

SAFL was founded to get more athletes involved in football without the strain of high registration costs and travel. With help from our community and sponsors every kid that wants to play will play. In 2017 SAFL supported about 30% of its athletes with partial to full scholarships. We want to develop future leaders, mothers, fathers, and hard working individuals. Football and Cheer are great foundations for this.

In 2016 SAFL started with a 7th grade team with a simple dream, to get more kids playing football. Before SAFL's first year less and less kids were playing football. In 2017 SAFL offered football to grades 3rd to 8th and we pushed Sandpoint youth football participation to almost 200 athletes, which is double than past years, with over 100 registered with SAFL. 

In 2017 SAFL didn't stop with football, we started our Cheer program for Sandpoint's youth who wanted to learn level 1 stunts, cheers, and routines. This was something that was only offered through Upward Basketball, SAFL Cheer now gives cheerleaders another opportunity through the year in addition to Upward.

SAFL is only as strong as the community behind it. Without all the generous donations, sponsors, and volunteers we would have never become what we are today. We strongly believe in giving back so at many community events you will see SAFL helping. 


With any sport safety should be the primary concern for new and current parents. SAFL will never sacrifice the safety of our athletes and kid, we will always take safety first. SAFL is affiliated with NFHS and USA Football. Our coaching staff is trained and certified to the latest techniques, development, and safety protocols for both Cheer and Football. Our athletes will learn how do skills correctly to better prepare them. The best safety is being trained correctly. Our equipment is inspected yearly to ensure we are compliant to USA Football standards. 

Sportsmanship and Respect:
RESPECT, It's the name of the game.

SAFL is committed to establishing a positive competitive environment for our athletes and fans. It's our responsibility to be fully accountable at every level as we support student success.

Athletes, Coaches, and Staff
As representatives of  SAFL, we expect our athletes, coaches and staff to uphold our commitment to sportsmanship by creating an atmosphere of respect. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.

Fans and Students
Racial, sexist, derogatory or profane actions or language directed toward players, coaches, team representatives, officials, event management or other spectators will not be tolerated. Event management personnel – with cooperation from campus security – reserves the right to remove attendees from the competition site.


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